Faits et chiffres

2,695,205 articles in English on Wikipedia
57,000,000 average monthly visitors to Wikipedia (’08)
75,000 active contributors to Wikipedia
10,000,000 articles in Wikipedia in all languages

2009 : 75 billion video streams for 375 million unique visitors.
Q1 revenue = $5.51 billion (+6% / Q1’08).
2008 : 70 million videos, 200,000 publishers
412.3 years necessary to view all content on YouTube
13 hours – amount of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

133,000,000 blogs indexed by Technorati
350 million people read blogs
900,000 blog posts per day
1,750,000 RSS subscribers to TechCrunch (Jan’09)
77% active Internet users read blogs
80 languages represented in the blogosphere

350 million members (it doubled in 8 months). Incredible growth, especially in Europe
100 million log on to Facebook at least once everyday
35 different languages used on Facebook
2,6 billion minutes spent on Facebook daily
700 millions pics added per month.

Pageviews have been losing their importance and marketers are focusing on the time users spend on a site. Figures per month (may’09) :
#1: Facebook (4h40) – 90 million visitors spend 4h40 minutes per month
#2: Yahoo (3h15)
#3: AOL (2h43)
#4: Google (2h31)
#5: Microsoft (2h12)

3 million Tweets per day (March’08)
1,5 million Twitter followers for « Ashton Kutcher ».
Yearly growth rate? 1,382 percent.
7 million unique monthly visitors. If it keeps growing at this rate, it’ll have 100 million visitors same time next year.

Half the Facebook audience.
MySpace was sold to News Corp. for $580 million in 2005.
Facebook’s valuation? around 6,5 billion (more than CBS).


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